For business owners

Join the city center’s community of businesses! Together we can make the Turku city center a unified whole where vitality and appeal coalesce. We coordinate and carry out events and campaigns throughout the year. We also collaborate with numerous events, both big and small.  We use diverse communication media to spotlight the players, themes, and experiences. At the same time, we keep the center alive so consumers and businesses will make it their first choice as a place to go.

Turku Center is the brand for a commercial city center, and its themes are available to all players. 

Why join?

  1. You will be a part of an extensive, visible, and unified business cluster.
  2. You can participate in all the events and campaigns Turku Center organizes.
  3. You will have tangible means for marketing and communication at your disposal.
  4. You will be visible in Turku Center’s social media channels and website.
  5. You will have a fairway to collaboration in development processes with the city of Turku.

Membership fee

The amount of the membership fee is based on location. The city center is marked in a dark rectangle on the map. The following streets border the marked area:  Kristiinankatu, Eerikinkatu, Wiklund department store on Kauppiaskatu and Yliopistonkatu. The lighter part is the city perimeter outside the city center. Membership is not limited—anyone who feels they are always in motion and doing business can join!

Annual membership (VAT  0%)


Number of staffCity CenterCity perimeter
Max. 3 employees400€260€
4-14 employees650€420€
15-30 employees900€585€
31-60 employees1 500€975€

Service establishments

Number of staff
Max. 3 employees90€
4-14 employees150€
15-24 employees250€
over 25 employees450€
Pankit ja vakuutusyhtiöt 1 000€
Hotels1 500€
Parking facilities1€/Parkin places

Restaurants and cafés

City CenterCity perimeter
Restaurants, city center and riverbank500€350€
Cafés, city center and riverbank250€150€
1. Restaurant, full price, most expensive group
2 Restaurant, -50%,
3. Restaurant, -75 %,
4. Restaurant, no charge


City CenterCity perimeter
Business size in square meters0.5 € / m²0.32 € / m²
Office size in square meters0.2 € / m²0.12 € / m²
Size of living quarters in square meters0.1 € / m²0.065 € / m²

Organizations promoting business operations: €100 – €300